Unfortunately, many seniors become abused by nursing home staff and even their own family members. Statistics show that as many as 1 in 20 seniors will become victims of elder abuse. Elder abuse can happen to any senior, but those who are dependent on others are most likely to experience it. In fact, the typical… Read More

The wife of a mail carrier, who died in a Fayetteville car accident on October 31, files for  wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Robeson County Superior Court on March 13. The defendant is the wife of a Fayetteville city councilman. The lawsuit also lists the woman’s church that she and her husband founded,… Read More

In North Carolina, couples going through a divorce can seek shared physical and legal custody of a child. Unfortunately, many parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding custody and visitation, as a result of which, a court is forced to step in and award primary physical custody to one of the parties. In… Read More