With the exception of those with a very high net worth, designing an estate plan does not need to be overly complex. However, your estate plan probably should be a little more sophisticated than printing a do-it-yourself will off the internet. Here are the basic documents every estate plan should include. Legal Will The first… Read More

When a person dies, some level of court intervention is almost inevitable, even if the testator (person who died) had a will. So, in many estate plans, the objective is not to avoid probate court altogether, but to limit the amount of property that enters probate. This approach essentially eliminates the possibility of protracted probate… Read More

Many people have an urge to put off estate planning. This is certainly understandable, as the entire concept deals with some uncomfortable topics. Yet, proper estate planning is incredibly important. If you want to protect your health and well-being, protect your underage children, and have a say in what will happen to your assets after… Read More